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You would do anything for your family. At Wells & McKittrick, P.C., in Missoula, we never forget that. And when you turn a legal problem over to a law firm, you are trusting the lawyers will handle the matter with the same care and consideration you would.

At Wells & McKittrick, our attorneys combine nearly a half-century of compassionate, effective representation for families throughout western Montana. We start by listening to our clients' needs and concerns about the future. From the moment we sit down together, we start to earn your confidence that is so necessary for a successful client-attorney relationship.

Proven Expertise

Our first priority is to obtain a favorable result for our client while minimizing the stress and conflict that commonly arise in these types of cases. No family law case is the same, which is why we work with you to devise solutions for your individual situation.

The range of family law matters we regularly handle includes:

  • Divorce: Including contested divorce litigation and "uncontested" amicable settlements. We will also help you with legal separation agreements. Our experience includes marital dissolution for same-sex couples
  • Children's issues: Including custody litigation, parental rights for divorced or unmarried parents, enforcement of visitation schedules, emancipation, paternity litigation, grandparents' rights
  • Enforcement: Including enforcement actions for child support obligations, spousal maintenance (alimony), visitation rights and property judgments
  • Guardianship and conservatorship: Including petitions seeking legal authority over a child or adult, as well as litigation opposing an appointment as guardian or conservator
  • Adoption: Including stepchild adoptions, family adoption and agency adoption
  • Modifying court orders: Including custodial child relocation petitions, modifying child support orders and reducing or eliminating alimony judgments
  • Appeals: Including appealing any court decision related to a divorce or family law matter
  • Domestic violence: Including orders of protection and temporary restraining orders, false accusations and disputes involving social services

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